Since I was a child I always have loved to draw and to paint. 13 years old I was pupil of Luce and Elica Balla (daughters of futuristic Giacomo Balla). I attended collective exhibitions in Rome on 1977-78 and I won the absolute first TEVERE EXPO’1978 Award.

1978. My first comics were published.

Illustrator since 1985.

Teacher of pictorial techniques at: International School of Comics in Rome, CSR of Enrico Cogno in Milan, Arte Design Tecnica in Milan, Scuola Italiana del Fumetto in Milan and Dimensione ArtisticaTortonese.

2003 September I was invited to show 5 paintings to the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the Museum of the Risorgimento, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

2006 February I met Dr. Daniela Clerici, the Director of “Arte” Magazine, Cairo Editore. Her magazine published an editorial: "The hyperrealism of Mario Cossu". I was selected by the Scientific Committee of the Art Catalog 2006 of Giorgio Mondadori Editore and obtained a Diploma of Merit at the "Pemio Arte" 2006 with the painting “La pausa”.

Ottober 2007. My oil on panel "Bergamo High in the Snow" won a Certificate of Merit to "Premio Arte 2007" and was published in the September issue of the magazine "Arte”, Cairo Editore

2008 February. Galleries Thomas Charles Phoenix (Arizona) host my paintings for an exhibition touring in States. I illustrated a book of fairy tales in Belgium.

2015. Exhibition with Galleries ORLER.

2017. I within to be part of the association “Painters of Bagutta” of Milano.

2018. I designed scenes from the life of the Venerable Carlo Acutis, which were carved in the stone of His monument, in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi.


My works were reproduced for:

Advertising and packaging





Ice creams Orlandi



Rita Federici




European Web


Sportitalia Club



Other ones


Covers and humorous vignettes for the comics magazine Totem


LIST magazine, story to episode “The Secret Friend;

PANOROMA satirical story;

Political satire on regional magazines.

HISTORY OF OLIMPICS (Corriere dello Sport-Stadio) strips on the newspaper.

HISTORY OF ROME, Champion of Italy (Book of Corriere dello Sport-Stadio)

Contribution to:

Editiones Futuro (Spain), Editorial New Comics (Spain), Aventures et Voyages (France)

Cover of the magazines:



Xmas issue of Astra (Rizzoli)


Inside illustrations for the magazines:

Astra (Rizzoli)




Ciao Donna






Donna Moderna.


Video Magazine



Week-end La Repubblica

Illustrations and comics for teen-agers magazine Rimmell (Tattilo publisher)

Book-covers for:

Astra anni '90 (Rizzoli)

Club degli Editori



Piccoli -Il Mandarino


Sperling & Kupfer

Guerini e Associati

Inside illustration for the book on Dinosaurs of De Agostini publisher

Inside illustration for the book on Opera of Do. Gi. publisher

All the illustrations of the pictures book of Mago Silvan of De Agostini publisher

6 illustrated Calendars for "Il Soldatino" studio:

Together with Manara for "Il Soldatino" studio: Scania trucks Plate

Illustrations for cards, exercise-books etc. for Cartiere Pigna

Covers and inside illustrations of a book of Fairy Tales by Perrault, published by Caramel (Belgium) and adopted as a textbook in Canada.

Covers and inside illustrations of 7 children books, Del Drago publisher

Covers and inside illustrations of 5 books of the series "Conoscere per star bene" Guerini & Associati publisher:

"I tic"

"La pressione alta"

"Depressione, ansia, insonnia"

"La prostata"


Cover and inside illustrations of the game: "Il gioco della vita" for Guerini &Associati publisher

All the covers of the magazine Produzione & Cultura, by National Writers’ Union CGIL CISL UIL), in the years '95,' 96,'97, 98, 99.

232 pictures illustrated book "Como vai a saùde?" for the S. Egidio Community, published by Guerini & Associated, supported by UNESCO.

Illustrations of children's books published by Do.Gi. for Mondadori.


About 600 illustrations for books, published by Edizioni San Paolo, Elledici and others, and web sites about Carlo Acutis. He was a fantastic boy, died of leukemia at 15, with a great gift of Faith in Christ. He was declared first Servant of God and then Venerable. He is the protagonist of a beatification process by the Catholic Church. Mysteriously in a flash he became famous all over the world, especially in Latin America and with him the exhibition he invented on the Eucharistic Miracles in the world.

I participated with drawings and writings in the drafting of some panels of this exhibition and the PP presentations necessary for the conferences, held in various parts of the Globe, to celebrate Carlo.

Covers of Videocassettes


Other Studios

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